Construction Project Technologist – BID Group Construction

Prince George, BC, St. George, SC


Under the supervision of the Engineering Manager, your main tasks will be to draft fabrication and construction drawings in a forestry industrial setting.

Essential Duties and Responsabilities

  • Create and revise General Assembly, Sections and Detail drawings using AutoCad for:
    • Structural steel equipment support, frames and subframe assemblies
    • Walkways, stair structures and crossovers for safe access to equipment and travel throughout the mill complex
    • Concrete foundations for equipment, buildings and rolling stock traffic
    • Client review concepts and layouts for approval
    • Stick framed room and office layouts, electrical and mechanical equipment buildings
    • Steel buildings as required for tender packages to Pre-Eng Manufactured Building suppliers etc.
  • Ensure design solutions are clear and easily executable by on-site staff
  • Ensure designs for fabrication are efficient and achievable according to the limitations of the manufacturing processes available
  • Assemble construction drawings that include a combination of referenced drawings, field data, existing suppliers’ equipment and buildings, etc.
  • Conduct on-site duties within active construction sites safely
  • Take field notes, accurately conveying on-site conditions for use in preparation of new construction drawings
  • Check drawings by drafting techs to:
    • ensure that they are complete and ready to issue for fabrication and/or construction
    • be clear of interferences of other equipment and structures etc.
    • be efficiently designed for the shop fabrication processes
    • be easily executable in the field

Skills and Qualifications

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be resourceful in identifying and sourcing all the required reference information and supplier equipment drawings required to produce their designs
  • Have a basic understanding of sawmilling and lumber processing
  • Be able to communicate ideas effectively
  • Disseminate and act upon requests from onsite crew members, engineering, contractors and clients
  • Have strong mathematical skills
  • Have related construction experience
  • Have basic knowledge of concrete building and equipment foundations
  • Have basic knowledge of steel construction and forms (wide flange, tubes, channel and flat bar etc)
  • Have basic knowledge of mechanical parts and equipment (bearings, belts and speed reducers etc)
  • Have strong values, be professional and able to work independently
  • Have experience using Microsoft office software